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Forex Indicator Market Way

Market Way Indicator is literally translated as "Market Road" and this name is no coincidence indicator, because it is difficult enough light on the constitution, but it has incorporated all the best features of the most rassprostranenyh oscillators, such as: MACD, Stochastic, etc.

This indicator is well defined ascending and descending trends in terms overbought and oversold market, as well in this indicator is a built-in filtering false alarms, such as filter signals "moving average", which signals are very accurate, but among them there are a lot of false.

The work of this indicator is to analyze the opening and closing prices over a specified period of time, the one the user chooses. In this bull bars are added separately and apart - bear. To this is added the average over the same period.

Indicators having such a complex structure, are good because they allow only one indicator to build an entire trading system, so these indicators are very practical and does not clutter up the price chart, while they include all the advantages of many other indicators, as well as filtering their shortcomings, namely false alarms.

Indicator parameters:

IdMain - the main indicator line;
IdBull - bullish line;
IdBear - Bear line;
IdArray - smoothing of lines.
Description of parameters:

the main indicator line " IdMain "drawn on the chart points, it is better if it will always be between bullish and bearish lines, so try to trim settings accordingly;

bullish line " IdBull "better do bear an equal value of the line and the main;

bear line " IdBear "better to do an equal value of the line and primary bovine;

The values ​​of all parameters of the indicator is recommended to set equal to or multiples of 12, as well as desirable to the numbers that are divisible by both 3 and 4. The minimum value of - 12, maximum - 108.

The use of trade:

  • Open up a deal to buy when the main line rises above its smoother lines (when the points are above the orange line) and that is above the zero level, the yellow line is above zero and the bulls too histogram is above zero. For sale all the signals the other way around, but instead of the yellow line is below zero should be pink line is the bears. Closing of the transaction occurs when the reverse signal, so we will always in the market.

Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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