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Forex Indicator Itrend Old

Itrend Old is a the trend, window indicator capable to show us not only the current price movement and to determine the direction, but also to fix emergence of flat sites.

Its specific feature lies in opportunity to estimate any phase of the market. The indicator will show us both a trend and a flat, and even uncertainty sites. It is able to replace with itself the trade system generating messages on perspective points of entry and exit, whether it is worth opening a line item and how long it is possible to hold it.

For calculation of data standard Bollinger Bands, Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators are built in Itrend Old.

The adjusted indicator parameters are:

• iBands_Mode – application of a curve of the Bollinger Bands indicator;

• iPower_Price – the price applied in calculations of Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators;

• iPrice_Type – the applied price (calculations for one bar);

• iBands_Period – the period of averaging of the main curve of Bollinger Bands;

• iBands_Deviation – a deviation from the main curve of Bollinger Bands;

• iPower_Period – the averaging period for Bears Power and Bulls Power indicators.

If in trade to be guided only by the Itrend Old indicator, it is necessary to conform to the conforming simple rules.

• In case of issue by the indicator of a blue column, we open the transaction of purchase, in case of emergence red, respectively for sale

• In the absence of signals, or emergence red and blue at the same time we close part of a line item, or all right away

• In case of revolution of an indicator color and availability of open line item we change the direction.


Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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