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Forex Indicator Price Stat

Price Stat Indicator shows the density of bars in a given period of time. On the chart the indicator looks like three vertical bar chart that is displayed directly on the chart of currency tool. But before you add the indicator to the chart, you must first install it on two vertical lines, with the name, location, color and thickness of the lines is not totally irrelevant. If you install the indicator on the chart will not appear on the data lines in the upper left corner of the graph will be illuminated with the same name inscription that lines are missing.

The three histograms in each indicator painted a different color. Color histogram depends on what segment of the graph it shows.

Segment to the left of the left vertical line is called the past, and the histogram will have a red color. Part of the graph to the right of the right vertical line is called the future, and the histogram in this case will be green. Graphics segment, which fell between the lines, will be figured out in the blue histogram, with the given histogram is duplicated and shown as the right side of this segment and to the left, but it has the same value for the same price levels , so the histogram to the right and left are equivalent in nature.

An indicator:

GTF - selected time frame (0 - current);
Discret - setting the sampling scale;
Width - width of the histogram bars (indicated by bars);
Present - show / disable the central blue histogram, which indicates the interval between the vertical lines of the graph;
Future - a number that is used as a multiplier to calculate the histogram of green strip in the future;
Past - a number that is used as a multiplier to calculate the histogram in red to indicate to the past;
bVolume - take into account the volume of trade in calculating the histogram display, with histogram slightly changes its value, but not by much.

The use of the trade:

One of the most important features of this indicator is the definition of the exact price levels, which are essential and which can be used as strong support and resistance levels. Determine these levels is quite easy, you just need to see the histogram below the top and found it to extremes, the extreme values ​​will point to a point where price stayed for a long time and so these levels are important for the exchange of graphics tools.


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