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Forex Indicator Azzx EMA Volume

Azzx EMA Volume Indicator is based on the principle of expansion of the tick size, to that which led to an upward trend and one that led to a downward trend.

The graph is displayed at the bottom of this indicator in the indicator window, which are drawn three colored lines, red, blue and green colors. Green line - this is an indicator tick volume, respectively, if the line is growing, and growing tick volume, or vice versa, at low line - just tick volume decreases. The blue line indicator in this case indicates a downward trend, and red - a rising, so is the line that is on top at the moment and is the main and indicates that the trend has changed or is continuing. At the same time increase the amount of teak, also indicates that the trend will continue or even increase with time.

An indicator:

parameter for only one indicator of this "PERIOD" , and less than this setting, the faster the indicator responds to changes in the schedule and take the properties of the oscillator rather than a trend indicator, but if the option to increase, the indicator will react to a prolonged trend, and is suitable for those who trade in the longer term. Also you can customize the colors and type of the indicator lines.

The use of the trade:

using only one signal of the indicator, the trade must be built on his principle of "always in the market" , which means that when the indicator gives a buy signal, we go long, and when a signal in the opposite direction, we close a long position and immediately open a short position, ie, the "upside down" in the other direction, so that at any time in our market will always be one position, so this style of trading and is "always in the market" .

But since trade in the forex market was built only on one indicator is not always rational, so in order to improve its trading system to use two or more indicators, one of which will be Azzx Volume EMA , also this indicator indicates not only the direction current trends, but also can be used as an indicator of volume. Since this indicator is used more as a trend, then the additional indicator is to choose the indicator from the other groups, such as oscillators, such as: MACD , RSI or Stochastic .


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