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Forex Indicator News Urdala

Forex Indicator News Urdala. The main feature of this news indicator is that it can be used in virtually any Adviser to enable or disable it (or any other action) at the time associated with the release of the news.It can also be used as a simple indicator showing the news output.

Call indicator is:

  • indicator (Symbol (), 0, " Urdala_News ", TimeDo, TimePosle, ChasPoyas, 0.0);
  • where: TimeDo is the time for response to the nearest news in minutes.
  • TimePosle-time to exit the operation after the last news in minutes.
  • ChasPoyas-timezone of your Terminal.(e.g. for Alpari = 1)
  • If the function returns 1, there is a malfunction in the selected time interval.
  • If 0, there is no response.

Light has many different settings. Such as color and type of indicator lines enables you to display only future events have filters on the importance of news as well as on/off the alarm on upcoming news.

Setting the indicator:

  • MinDo = 30; //Fire minutes before the news 
  • MinPosle = 30; //Fire minutes after news
  • ChasPoyasServera = 1; //timezone. 0-GMT 
  • Vhigh = true;//add the importance of news (important news show)
  • Vmedium = true;//add the importance of news (show me news medium importance)
  • Vlow = true;//add the importance of news (news show low priority) 
  • RisovatLini = true;//Draw the line?
  • Next = false;//Draw only the lines of the future of news? 
  • Signal = false;//Honk about forthcoming news?
  • high = Color.red;//color important news
  • medium = Yellow;//color conventional news
  • low = Lime;//the color of the minor news 
  • Style = 2;//line style 

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