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Forex Indicator iPanel Trend

IPanel Indicator is a table in the upper right corner of the chart, which combines a smaller extent the testimony of 6 indicators, and they do not clutter up the schedule and provide accurate and clear signals to the settlement of transactions in the foreign exchange market.

Like all other "table" indicators, iPanel Indicators transmits signals from the indicators in the form of arrows, the top green arrow indicates that the trend is up, red down arrow - indicates that the trend is downward, as well as an indicator CCI can show oblique direction, for example, If there is a sloping green arrow up, this means that the CCI "against" selling at the moment, and if this indicated downward inclination red arrow, it means that the CCI "against" buying at the moment.

An indicator:

Corner - the offset table in the corners of the chart:
1 - top, right;
2 - bottom, left;
3 - bottom, right;
4 - upper left;
PercentK - the period of the K line, the indicator Stochastic;
PercentD - time line D, the indicator Stochastic;
Slowing - deceleration parameter, the indicator Stochastic;
RSIP1 - indicator period RSI № 1;
RSIP2 - indicator period RSI № 2;
FastEMA - a period of rapid "moving average" indicator MACD;
SlowEMA - the period of slow "moving average" indicator MACD;
MACDsp - time a simple "moving average" indicator MACD;
shortP1 - during the "moving average», EMA1;
shortP2 - during the "moving average», EMA1;
longP1 - during the "moving average», EMA2;
longP2 - during the "moving average», EMA2.

Last 5 indicator parameters responsible for the appearance of the icon in the table, but since all the icons are selected good and informative, I see no reason to change these values, although it is at the discretion of each user.

The use of the trade:

to build a trading system based on this indicator, you need to start some time to watch him work out what signals it delivers and how well they work out themselves. In addition, we can not forget about the "major" trend, ie, those trends that are present in the upper half frame period, and only his way to open the transaction.


Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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