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Forex Indicator DC Signals

DC signals Indicator is relatively simple forex indicator that shows the exact point of entry into the market for buying and selling, while freeing the trader from having to analyze charts for a long time.

To generate the signals of the indicator used by other forex indicators which together give a single point of entry into the market and this indicator combines the signals of these three indicators, and allows you to "release" schedule, not overloading it with more information.

In creating this indicator, the author noticed some patterns between the behavior of prices and the three forex indicators: BullsPower , BearsPower and DCOS , namely, that turns the market most likely to occur in the same patterns in these three indicators, this is what led me to thought about writing such an indicator, which would unite these three indicators together, and gave the exact point of entry, thus facilitating the work of the trader.

On the chart the indicator looks like the diamonds of yellow and blue colors, as well as points of red, some of which are outlined with white rings, so the indicator to display correctly, you need the background to the current chart was black, or need to change the color.

An indicator:

in this indicator, there is only one option: " history ", which allows you to set the number of bars in the story, which will be figured out in this indicator. All the main settings in this case the indicator DC signals are in the tab, " Colors , "where you can adjust the color and size of all icons present on the chart.

The use of the trade:

as mentioned earlier, this indicator gives precise entry point into the market, eliminating the need to analyze it. Signal to enter the position, serve in this case, the point shown as diamonds, blue - buy, yellow, respectively - for sale.

Also in this indicator is present and verification system of signals, namely a ring of white around the red dot indicator, ie, at the time of filing of a signal on the same candle should be a red dot inside the white ring, if a point is present, and ring is not, then the signal is not confirmed and the position should not be open.

Time to break the signal can serve as an indicator in the opposite direction, or a signal from another forex indicator.


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