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Forex Strategies

The Forex Strategies section gives an overview of the best forex strategies that you can choose for your profitable trading.

Forex Strategies are, in fact, systems of rules of closing and opening positions. Currently, there are dozens of variations. Every trader adapts a plan of operations that suits to him best in accordance with his experience and play style. There are as many forex strategies as there are forex participants. It is important for a new trader to choose a system that will be easily combined with his schedule and successfully applied in the current balance.

Among all the strategies presented on our website you will definitely be able to choose the one that is right for you. Many traders diversify risks and increase profits through the use of different types of trading systems. So try some of them, and pick the best for you.

This strategy is based on the prices break through accessible levels. It is considered to be one of the most effective methods for the control of trades. It gives a trader great lucrativeness. The strategy often deals with stop orders that open at the moments of price level breaks. It thus gives an opportunity to occupy a trading place in the start of the developing moment of pulse.

Forex Strategy “Gap”

This is a multi-currency strategy that can be used for trading with any currency pair. It is useful to apply the interval – M5-M15.

The strategy resembles the “Return to the Gap” strategy. The difference is that it needs an indicator for trade and other options to enter into the market.

It is a pretty simple strategy, in the base of which there is a use of important historical levels and a rapid return motion from them. The strategy got its name from the trader whose nickname is EPM. The trade is conveyed on H4. It can be used with multiple currency pairs.

The strategy doesn’t include any indicators. The strategy is a mix of classical views about the trade.

Terms to make a buying deal:

This forex strategy is one more forex strategy that uses the indicator with tests. The strategy was targeted to produce more stable results. It is founded on the signals of four forex indicators, a simple MA indicator, ADX, currency pair EURUSD and Heiken Ashi.

Before the start, in the currency pair graph install four forex indicators:

  1. the SMA (75);
  2. the Heiken Ashi;
  3. ADX (9);
  4. the IBS-RSI-CCI-v3.

Make a buying deal if:

This strategy is founded on the signals made by 4 forex indicators for trading pair EURUSD.

Before start, you should put the graph of EURUSD indicators:

The Defile SAR forex strategy is a quite simple output strategy that bases on the trend forex indicator, Parabolic SAR, and on the rules of input and output in the H4 series for the currency pair of EURUSD.

To start set the Parabolic SAR in the currency pair graph EURUSD (H4) with the value – 0.002:0.2.

The Ichimoku indicator known as “equilibrium chart” determines the trades with high profit probability on the market. The Ichimoku cloud acts like a filter of the information chaos.

John Bollinger was the one who invented the Trading on Bollinger Bands strategy in the 1980’s. Once this strategy was one of the most generally used when applying technical analysis. In the center of the Bollinger Bands there are three lines – the bottom, the middle and the upper lines. The lines are applied to recognize the extreme price values in the tool of trading.

This Forex Strategy corresponds as a very simple and efficient trading system based on a combination of popular Forex indicators. The strategy is built on two moving averages (EMA), the RSI and the Stochastic. By analyzing the signals from every of these indicators one can see the closing and opening trading positions and favorable terms under which it is possible to make a great profit.



Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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