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Forex Strategy “4 indicators”

This strategy is founded on the signals made by 4 forex indicators for trading pair EURUSD.

Before start, you should put the graph of EURUSD indicators:

  1. Moving average (MA) with an averaging period 90 and employ it to a Close.
  2. Set the period 12 for the CCI indicator, the levels of -100 and 100, 50 and -50 to the Typical.
  3. 14 period ATR indicator at the level 0.002.
  4. Williams Percent Range indicator among 11 levels: -60, -85, -40, -15.

Terms to buy:

The transaction is only possible after all the forex signals at the end of the candle are confirmed!

  1. Williams indicator fell below -85.
  2. Set price is higher the MA.
  3. ART is higher 0.002.
  4. The CCI is lower -100.

Terms to sell:

  1. Price is lower the MA.
  2. Williams closed higher than -15.
  3. CCI closed higher than 100.
  4. ART is higher than 0.002.

For Sell transactions: when Williams is closed to -40, you should change the transaction in the”0” level or immediately close it.


Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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