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Forex Indicators

In the Forex Indicators section we present to your attention a number of indicators, which may become indispensable tools of analysis and forecasting of price fluctuations. On this page you can find a brief description of each of our indicators, the calculating formula and information on the indicator’s practical use. All of the indicators, which are available on our website, can be downloaded and installed on the MetaTrader trading platform.

Forex indicators are the main tools of analysis movement in market prices. The indicators are very important but they are not the only link of the strategy that should lead you to success in the Forex market.

The best forex indicators are effective tools used for predicting rate, they allow you to choose the right moment to open and close positions.

Circular levels are acute psychological levels, ending in two zeros in the case of a four-point quotation after the comma (for the pair of the Japanese yen it should end of a two-digit quotation) or in three zeroes in the case of the five-digit (for the JPY it should be three-digit). The quotation for the EURUSD pair will be following levels: 1.3500; 1.3600; 1.3700, etc., and for the pair EURJPY it will be 138.00; 139.00; 140.00, etc.

Ozymandias is a pretty known indicator that lets you to filter out false fluctuations of price.

RegressionPolynomial is a trend indicator that computes the values of the polynomial regression on every separate bar.

The first and the second degree use optimized methods of computing. The optimized method QRMA, which is described here, makes a great interest. The first degree applies a well-known configuration 3* LWMA – 2* SMA. Also the code contains a function that computes QWMA. It is more responsive moving in comparison with LWMA.

Forex Indicator “QQE_HTF_Signal”

The indicator QQE_HTF_Signal outputs the direction of the trend or a signal from the QQESign indicator to make a deal on the elected bar in the form of a graphic object with colored indication of the trend or the deal direction. Then it delivers alerts or audible signals if there are signals for making deals.

This indicator was primordially developed for the simplification of obtaining normalized and synchronized data and for the input of neural network.

The data is synchronized by the instrument or symbol, which is installed on the indicator.

Probably, this indicator can be used for other applications.

With this indicator it is possible to output up to 10 lines (buffers) at a time with a variety of tools, timeframes and signals.

Parameters of the input:

This indicator belongs to the series of easy indicators without averaging. It is designed in the form of a channel with a settled width.

The point of the indicator is also quite understandable from the code. Instead of the period analysis there is a settled channel on both sides from the indicator’s line added. Initially the period was also analyzed, but the tests have shown that formation of the indicator’s values is mainly made exactly on the boundaries of the channel.

This is a modified indicator of Camarilla dt Historical.

The technical indicator of Acceleration / Oscillation (AC) admeasures the acceleration and the oscillation of the current motive force. This indicator will modify its direction before any changes in the motive force occur. It then will modify its direction before the change in price. Realizing the AC is the signal of warning gives obvious advantages.

The indicator of Fractal Dimension Index defines the value of the market volatility.

The simplest way of applying this indicator follows from the meaning that the value of 1.5 indicates a totally random behavior of the market at the moment. In the event of the deflection of the value of 1.5 there is a possibility to make the profit, which increases with the growth of deflection. But be careful, the indicator does not demonstrate the trend of the direction!



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