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Forex Indicators

In the Forex Indicators section we present to your attention a number of indicators, which may become indispensable tools of analysis and forecasting of price fluctuations. On this page you can find a brief description of each of our indicators, the calculating formula and information on the indicator’s practical use. All of the indicators, which are available on our website, can be downloaded and installed on the MetaTrader trading platform.

Forex indicators are the main tools of analysis movement in market prices. The indicators are very important but they are not the only link of the strategy that should lead you to success in the Forex market.

The best forex indicators are effective tools used for predicting rate, they allow you to choose the right moment to open and close positions.

This indicator represents the accumulated sum of positive “accumulative” movements of price and negative “distributives”. The “accumulation” notion is applied as a reference to the market, which is controlled by customers. The “distribution” notion means that market is controlled by sellers.

This indicator is designed to define the reversals of trend based on changes in the width of the interval between the minimum and maximum prices. If the interval is expanding the mass index augments; if the interval is narrowing, the index decreases.

This indicator represents a ported version of the indicator FractalZigZagNorepaint. It applies Zigzag indicator to set the swing lows and highs. Then these swings can be applied for the estimation or drawing of the non-redrawing indicator. The backdraws of the indicator value 2 ledges from the current ledge.

As you know, the stars demonstrate the beginning of the reversal of price. But sometimes instead of stars a candle can be formed with very unbalanced “tails”, which also demonstrates the struggle between “bulls” and “bears”.

This indicator is constructed on the base of the signals of the trend indicator ForexOFFTrend.

The signal for the deal transaction is generated at the moment of the closing the bar in case if there was a change of the color in the indicator cloud.

To work with this advisor one needs to have the compiled file indicator ForexOFFTrend.ex5 that is contained in the catalog (catalog_data_terminal\MQL%\Indicators).

Richard Donchian is a trading legend, who established the trend following systems. Widely recognized Turtle trading system based on his works brought Donchian serious success at relatively old age. Nevertheless, he continued his work and achieved success in online trading.

Donchian Channels form a volatility indicator grounding on three prices: up-to-date, maximum and minimum. This data is necessary for calculation the highest high and the lowest low for a definite period. 

Demonstrates profits and losses marked as candlesticks in the threshold. The values usually given in percentages and brokeridge points.

Usually, the indicator calculates gains and losses measuring the difference between Open and Close prices. The user can set minimum thresholds to manually calculate the parameters.

Input parameters:

Aligator Technical Indicator is a combination of Balance Lines (Moving Averages) that use fractal geometry and nonlinear dynamics 

Everyday trading represents a battle of buyers ("Bulls") pushing prices up and sellers ("Bears") pushing prices down. Depending on what party scores off, the day will end with a price that is higher or lower than that of the previous day. Intermediate results, first of all the highest and lowest price, allow to judge about how the battle was developing during the day.



Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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