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Forex Indicator “Mass_Index”

This indicator is designed to define the reversals of trend based on changes in the width of the interval between the minimum and maximum prices. If the interval is expanding the mass index augments; if the interval is narrowing, the index decreases.

The indicator was created by Donald Dorsey. A specific model made by the indicator and named the “reversal bulge” is considered the most significant sign of the index. The reversal bulge is generated when the mass index of 25-period first goes up above 27 and then descends below 26.5. Then the reversal of prices is likely to happen (regardless of the general trend i.e., on whether prices are moving up or down, or fluctuating within a trading range).

To determine which signal gives the reversal bulge (to buy or to sell) the exponential moving average of 9-period of prices is often utilized. When a reversal bulge comes up one should buy if the moving average goes down. And one should sell, if it grows.


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