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Forex Indicator “Fractal ZigZag”

This indicator represents a ported version of the indicator FractalZigZagNorepaint. It applies Zigzag indicator to set the swing lows and highs. Then these swings can be applied for the estimation or drawing of the non-redrawing indicator. The backdraws of the indicator value 2 ledges from the current ledge.

There are 4 input variables. The first one defines when the fractal high or low referrers to the current ledge. The CalculateOnBarClose should be set to true and the arrows of the indicator will be pointed to the close of the current ledge or to the open of the next ledge.

The ZZDepth variable refers to the ExtDepth input variable. The ZZDev variable refers to the ExtDeviation input variable. ExtBackStep should be set to 1.

nShift determines the number of pips showing if the arrows are going to be below or above the fractal low or high. 


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