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Forex Indicators

In the Forex Indicators section we present to your attention a number of indicators, which may become indispensable tools of analysis and forecasting of price fluctuations. On this page you can find a brief description of each of our indicators, the calculating formula and information on the indicator’s practical use. All of the indicators, which are available on our website, can be downloaded and installed on the MetaTrader trading platform.

Forex indicators are the main tools of analysis movement in market prices. The indicators are very important but they are not the only link of the strategy that should lead you to success in the Forex market.

The best forex indicators are effective tools used for predicting rate, they allow you to choose the right moment to open and close positions.

This is the indicator that is doing the painting of candles with larger timeframe, which are suffused with rectangles filled with color. The drawing of candles is made with buffers of DRAW_FILLING. The colored filling for rectangles is done in accordance with the colors of the clouds of the CronexAC indicator.

This indicator is founded on the alerts of the DigitMacd oscillator.

The alert to conclude a deal is generated at the moment of the closing ledge in case if there was a change in a color of the indicator cloud.

For a proper work of the generated adviser one must have the compiled file of the indicator DigitMacd.ex5 in the folder of katalog_dannyh_terminala folder\MQL5\Indicators.

This indicator was generated to demonstrate how seven main currency pairs are moving on the background of the American dollar.

In general, all the currency pair are standardized at the beginning point in a time interval – “p”. There is also a filter of the MA that weighed exponentially. The filter provides smooth function “k”. Subsequently, the graph gets updated every time there is an incrementation on the period from the starting point.

This indicator makes the drawing of the candles from the larger timeframe that suffused with colored rectangles with the use of DRAW_FILLING-buffers. The colored filling for the rectangles is done in accordance with the colors of the clouds of the CronexAO indicator.

This indicator belongs to the simple indicators that do not contain any averaging. It is designed in the form of a channel with a settled width.

The indicator represents a new version of the xTrend indicator that is known for drawing fractal channels. The new version of this indicator does not operate on the integrated iFractals indicator. Instead, it works according to its own analysis, which is much closer to the original definition of Bill Williams’ fractals. In this regard, when trading with this indicator the number of “pure” fractals has significantly decreased.

The indicator of ExVol computes the sums difference of ascending and descending candlesticks’ lengths of bodies on a specified interval gap in the points.

This indicator is applied in situations when it is necessary to determine whether the instrument of the market developing the trend or committing the random movements in the range of the trading.



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