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LiNSTR.com is a project founded by the international group of professional traders with years of experience. Our primary objective is to show our potential clients and investors that forex trading could be profitable and real. On our website we provide daily free trading signals by one of our profitable strategies.

Daily in our news section we publish topical global economic and financial news along with analytical reviews of the major currency pairs such as EURUSD and GBRUSD from the leading experts of the Company. All the information presented in this section is updated 24 hours a day.

Also in the news section you will find coverage of Forex Fundamental Analysis, currency forecasts of dollar and euro, interbank exchange rates, oil prices, stock quotation, stock market indices, decisions on interest rates and other financial news of the world of finance.

We try our best to give you the latest news ASAP in order for you to see what is going on in the financial world so the whole picture will be clear for and you will be able to make the right decision.


Among all the strategies presented on our website you will definitely be able to choose the one that is right for you. Many traders diversify risks and increase profits through the use of different types of trading systems. So try some of them, and pick the best for you.

The essence of this strategy is to find a market with narrow and flat intervals in the fluctuations of price and the positioning of pending orders on both sides, Sell Stop and Buy Stop. The market will define which pending order needs to be activated and when.

This is an indicator strategy that is applied for the currency pair EURUSD.

First, before starting, specify the consecutive indicators for the schedule for the preferred currency pair:

  1. Bollinger Bands.
  2. The curve (period – 288; shift – 1; deviation – 0.15; exponential; close).

Conclude a selling transaction when the consecutive conditions are true:

This strategy is created for those traders who prefer to utilize scalping strategies while trading on Forex. It is very successful and one needs only two indicators for its application – MACD-combo with parameters of 9, 26, 12 and PSAR with standard parameters.


Forex indicators are the main tools of analysis movement in market prices. The indicators are very important but they are not the only link of the strategy that should lead you to success in the Forex market.

The “Momentum” indicator is another member of the “Oscillator” family of technical indicators. The creator of the Momentum indicator is unknown, but Martin Pring has written much about the indicator. It attempts to measure the momentum behind price movements for the underlying currency pair over a period of time. Traders use the index to determine overbought and oversold conditions and the strength of prevailing trends.

Itrend Old is a the trend, window indicator capable to show us not only the current price movement and to determine the direction, but also to fix emergence of flat sites.

This indicator demonstrates the direction of the trend or the wave for making a transaction from the indicator HighsLowsSignal on the indicated ledge. The signal is shown in the form of a graphic object with the colored trend indication or the direction of the transaction. The signal alerts, if there are indications to conclude transactions.


Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. 


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